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Open Forum for CSO Development Effectiveness

Eastern Partnership - Georgia


Improving enabling environment for CSO and raising their effectiveness

Project Manager: Ia Gabunia

Donor Agency: Bread for the World

Region: Georgia

Project Duration: 01.04.11 - 30.06.14

Project Overview:

Within a framework of the Civil Society Development Program, since 1 April 2011 the Civil Society Institute implements the project "Improving Enabling Environment for CSOs and Raising their Effectiveness". The project aims to foster the effectiveness of development-oriented CSOs, so that they better promote overcoming of inequality, marginalization and poverty in the country. To this end, the project foresees resolving the following tasks:

  • Improvement of legal environment
    Implementation of the project will improve legal environment, which will enable CSO operations to be better and much more effective.
  • Promotion of civil participation
    Project will lead to institutionalization of relations between self-government and the public, which will ensure more effective and transparent self-government. Public recognition and image of CSOs will improve, and their role in public life will be empowered, which in itself will stimulate public participation and civil activities.
  • Promotion of cooperation among CSOs to improve communication, coordination and partnership among them
    A strong union (platform) of CSOs will be set up within a project framework, which will form the sector's coherent vision and standards and ensure involvement in international processes and advocacy and lobbying of CSO interests. Overall this will have a huge impact on the CSO development effectiveness and largely facilitate the improvement of local CSO activities.
  • Enhancing capacities of CSOs through the introduction of results-oriented management system
    Local CSOs will be able to enhance their skills, so that their activities are at maximum oriented on final results and they ensure sustainable positive changes to overcome inequality, marginalization and poverty in the country.

Project Activity:

Examination of Draft CSO Development Concept

''Civil Society'' - Presentation of the Book

Cycle of Trainings in Results-Oriented Project Management has completed

Memorandum to Protect Cultural Heritage Monuments

Civil Society - Advocacy Journalism, Essays

Result-Oriented Project Management

Dialogue between Donor and Civil Society Organizations

Civil Society in Georgia: Challenges and Prospects

Discussion over the Law on Volunteerism

Contest for the regional media journalists on the topic: ''Civil Activity!''

Meeting on Tax Issues

Contest for the regional media journalists on the topic: ''Civil Activity!''

Meetings in the Regions: Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and the Society

Roundtable on Supporting NGOs and Philanthropy in Georgia

State Grants

Volunteerism - International Practice and Georgia

Meeting between regional CSO representatives and the journalists