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Participatory Budgetingt (Georgian Version Only)
Study of Internal Experience and Local Practice in Georgia, Davit Kipiani

State Funding Mechanisms for Civil Society Organizations in Georgia
(Legislation and practice)
Research Team:
Levan Paniashvili;
Giorgi Avazashvili
Natia Apkhazava
Lead Expert: Vazha Salamadze

State Funding for Civil Society Organizations
Best Practice Research
Researcher: Mariam Latsabidze
Consultant: Vazha Salamadze

Volunteerism - International Practice and Georgia
The study encompasses the notion and function of volunteerism, the analysis of international practice on volunteerism and identification of needs for developing the legal base on volunteerism in Georgia.

Citizen Participation in Self-Governance
The Civil Society Institute, with the financial support of the Open Society - Georgia Foundation, has conducted a study on civil participation in self-governance. The present publication provides a synopsis of the study.

Labor Code of Georgia - Monitoring Report (Georgian Version Only)

Labor Code of Georgia - Recommendations(Georgian Version Only)

Study of the Civil Code Provisions Governing the Status of Non-Profit Legal Persons

Charity Regulatory Legal Environment in Georgia
In October-December 2007, Civil Society Institute has carried out research on conferment of Charity statues and related practice of tax remissions. The main goal of the research has been study of charity regulatory legal environment in Georgia

Outsourcing - A Policy Option for Improving Social Service Delivery System

Expert study of welfare organizations operational environment (Georgian Version Only)

Monitoring report of the Law of Georgia on Enforcement Proceedings (Georgian Version Only)
(as of September 2007) Within the framework of the "Civil Society in the Law-Making Process" project of the Law Program of the Civil Society Institute, in cooperation with the "Open Society - Georgia" Foundation, a monitoring of the Law of Georgia on Enforcement Proceedings was carried out. The monitoring aimed at identifying the gaps in the Law, based on which the draft amendments to the Law were developed.

Study of Public Awareness and Attitude towards Social Policy, its Actors and Social Welfare Groups (Georgian Version Only)
Present study was conducted in July 2007 and its goal was to examine the attitude of Georgian population towards the country's social policy, its actors, and social welfare groups.

Study Of Development Of Welfare Organizations In Georgia
The document provides findings of the survey of development of welfare organizations operating on the territory of Georgia conducted within the limits of the Project "Creating Enabling Environment for Welfare Organizations in Georgia". The study was conducted in March-April 2007 and is based on information obtained through interviews with 104 active welfare organizations. The study assesses the development level of welfare organizations; prognoses possibility of their further involvement in deinstitutionalization process; and provides abundant information on welfare organizations, including their geographic distribution, activities, services rendered, target groups/beneficiaries, institutional capacity, structure, financial resources, etc. The document shall be particularly useful for state authorities involved in deinstitutionalization process, international donor agencies focusing on social field and organizations oriented on social care.

Georgian Not For Profit Legislation Chalanges And Perspectives
The document provides research of Georgian legislation regulating civil society organizations, existing mechanisms of financing of CSOs and best international practices in this respect. On the basis of research, priority trends of development of legislation regulating CSOs with particular emphasis on direct and indirect state financing are defined and series of general and policy-specific recommendations are developed to improve overall operating environment of CSOs, particularly welfare organizations.

Monitoring of Law on Public Procurement (Georgian Version Only)
Within the boundaries of the Project "Civil Society in Legislative Process" implemented by Civil Society Institute within the Legal Programme in collaboration with Open Society Georgia Foundation, monitoring of Law on Public Procurement was conducted. The objective of the monitoring was to reveal the gaps in the legal instrument. Based on monitoring findings draft law on changes and amendments to the Law on Public Procurement was prepared and submitted to the Legal Committee of the Parliament of Georgia. The survey covered territories of Tbilisi and Batumi cities with participation of over 60 respondents (procuring agencies, providers and experts).

Business Environment in Samegrelo Region.
The survey contains findings of interviews with business entities operating in Samegrelo region. The survey aimed at revealing the difficulties business entities of the region encounter in the process of running their businesses. Further purpose of the survey was identification of structure of business organizations, number of their employees, demographic picture of the employees and determination of staff maintenance related expenses. The survey further inquired into attitudes of business organizations towards qualification of their employees, types of qualification raising mechanisms and recruitment procedures in place.

Description of the LaborMarket Structure in the Cities of Samegrelo region - Zugdidi, Senaki, Poti and Khobi
The main goal of the survey was assessment of workforce in four towns of Samegrelo region - Zugdidi, Senaki, Poti and Khobi based on different parameters.

Legal Obstacles Hindering Development of Non-commercial Organizations (Georgian Version)
The survey aimed at analyzing legal instruments regulating not-for-profit organizations in Georgia and revealing legal barriers against development of not-for-profit sector in the Country. The survey covered seven cities of Georgia.