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Civil Society Institute (CSI) has published a publication "Policy Documents" (pdf) in the framework of the project "Georgian Applied Research Facility - Regional Development" (GARF – RD).
This publication is the second volume of public policy papers developed as part of the Regional Development Program and includes five policy papers on the following topics:

  1. National Standards and Technical Regulations for Municipality’s own (Exclusive) and Delegated Authorities
  2. Cross Regional and Cross Municipal Cooperation Opportunities to Develop Clusters in Georgia
  3. The Spatial Modelling and Regional Development
  4. Institutional and Human Capacity Development at Subnational Level
  5. Financial Assurance of Regional Development Policies
This publication is designed for representatives of Georgia's central and local authorities, as well as Georgian and international analytical centers and academic circles, so that Georgia's regional development is discussed widely.

The publication is developed by the Civil Society Institute with financial support from the European Union Delegation to Georgia. Author organizations are responsible for its content: "Caucasus University", "Georgian Institute of Public Affairs" (GIPA), "Strategic Initiatives Agency", and "Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia" (CSRDG).
Opinions expressed in the publication may not reflect the opinions of the European Union Delegation (EU), Civil Society Institute (CSI), and member ministries of the Project Steering Committee.


On April 19, the hotel Ambasadori hosted final, summarizing event of the "Georgia Applied Research Facility - Regional Development" (GARF-RD) program.
As you know, in the context of the association with Europe, it is of great importance for Georgia to lead a regional development policy, implemented on the basis of researches and evidences.
The Civil Society Institute has started production of a new online training course with a financial support of the "Open Society Georgia" Foundation. Video lectures, which are led by Irakli Melashvili, provide an overview of all aspects of self-governance and are designed for self-government officials. Besides video lectures the course participants will be able to get familiarized with the relevant literature, to pass tests and to be evaluated according to the received knowledge. Western standards-based online learning model also provides an opportunity for any interested individual to listen to the course of lectures and to improve knowledge.

Tbilisi. In terms of development of civil society, the Parliament of Georgia has passed an important law on ''volunteerism''. The author of the law is the Civil Society Institute, while its initiator is the Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament. The role of volunteers is important for effective and efficient operation of public organizations and foundations. Especially great is their role in the activities of the organizations, engaged in educational and social fields. The culture of volunteerism is actively developed in many European countries. 25-30% of the employees of public organizations are specifically volunteers.
Civil Society Institute has completed the course of the online learning program on "Election Law”. More than 200 representatives of qualified and unqualified parties have participated in the learning process. 100 successful participants have received a certificate. Within the framework of the program the representatives of parties have improved their knowledge of the election issues through the video lectures, reading material and tests. Online platform allows the representatives of various regions to be involved in the learning process, respectively, the residents of different regions have attended the course of "Election Law” without interrupting their work.

On December 16, the Parliament of Georgia has discussed and adopted a draft law on volunteerism in the first reading. The initiator of the bill is the Legal Affairs Committee of the Parliament, while the author is the Civil Society Institute.
The bill regulates the relations of the volunteer, the host organization and the third party on the territory of Georgia. Volunteering is defined as a socially useful activity, performed by an individual voluntarily or disinterestedly in the circumstances of organizational order, using own knowledge and skills.
The draft law envisages the notion of a host organization, determines rights and obligations of a volunteer and a host organization. It regulates issues, which are linked to the volunteerism relations, in particular, the reimbursement of costs related to the volunteering activities, the security environment, the responsibilities of a volunteer, etc.

Housing Initiative for Eastern Europe (IWO) in partnership with local partner Civil Society Institute (CSI) announces a Call for Applications within the EU funded project "The way forward to reforms in the housing sector: Empowering grass-root homeowners associations in Azerbaijan,  Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine". The purpose of this project is to strengthen the capacity of civil society organization (CSOs) in the housing sector in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.